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5 tips and tricks for joining an intramural co-ed Sport

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words by: Natasha Marsh
Mar 19, 2022

Success is a subjective term. Apply it to any life situation, and it is bound to have a plethora of definitions. Success in intramural college athletics is no different. How do you define success—not to mention, obtain it—in an extracurricular activity that’s supposed to be more fun than physically, emotionally, and competitively exhausting?


We caught up with some active intramural participants and asked them what makes a successful intramural athlete. This applies to those wanting to test the intramural waters for the first time and seasoned veterans. So put away those playbooks, nutritional supplements, and brass knuckles, and relax. Here are their 5 most important tips to ensure that you achieve individual and team-oriented greatness for this season’s league.


If you can select a team, make sure you get along well with them

Like all team sports (or activities, for that matter), the people you play with matter. Of course, if you are joining a team to make friends, you won’t be able to properly vet out who is who, but just make an educated guess.


Make sure it fits into your lifestyle

If you’re in school, make sure the sport works with your school schedule. Translation: You don’t want it to affect your studies. If you are a young adult, working from home, make sure it doesn’t affect the hours in which you’re supposed to work.


Know the rules of the sport/league

Just because there’s an intramural football league doesn’t mean you can release your inner-James Harrison on unsuspecting quarterbacks. The rules for particular intramural sports might vary from the leagues many are accustomed to from their youth and high school playing days.


You can practice, but it isn’t as intense

Practice helps, but it isn’t necessary. It might be hard enough as it is to gather a team one or two times per week to meet for games, so don’t feel the need to carve out additional time to practice receiving routes or lay-up drills. Most intramural teams are on an even playing field and any difference in talent can be attributed to chemistry more than anything.


Most importantly, have fun

Intramural athletics don’t equate to the Super Bowl and an athletic scholarship isn’t on the line. They provide an outlet for students or adults to continue playing the sports they enjoyed growing up and to play those sports they’ve always wanted to. Keep the moment in perspective and enjoy the competition.


Want to get in better shape for the game? Try HIIT to build stamina and endurance.