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words by: Alee Kwong
Aug 18, 2021

Tattoos have a long, extensive history and up until recently, have been a stigma in many societies across the world. Despite tattoos being seen as a negative mark, we are seeing more and more people push past the stigma (and the life-altering negative consequences that came with it) by embracing the individuality and talent behind every tattoo artist and their work.


There’s something inexplicably special about getting tattoos on your body. While you might not have any special meaning behind your tattoo, there’s no denying that amazing feeling you have after you get a tattoo. The look of fresh ink is like that of getting a fresh haircut – except way better. You feel like a different person, you walk a little different, and you just feel like you added something special to a collection. The key to keeping your tattoo looking as close as it did on day one is aftercare, both immediately after getting the tattoo and basically the rest of your life.


Most tattoo artists will give you the general run-down on aftercare – don’t pick, don’t scratch, moisturize generously, and wash with gentle soap. But something that is often overlooked is tattoo suncare. Yes, suncare. Like with most things, the sun tends to fade things that bask in its rays. While you might not be spending weeks on end sitting under the sun, the sun damage and tattoo fading is something that happens overtime and the effects compound. The fix? Obviously, sunscreen.


Take it from me, I went years without thinking twice about tattoo suncare. Since I moved to New York six years ago and started experiencing a real summer, I’ve noticed that the tattoos on my forearms started to fade slightly and are a little less defined than they used to be. I’ve started carrying around sunscreen sticks in my tote bag and reapplying every few hours when I am out. Have I noticed a considerable difference since the apparent fading? Not really. But again, sun damage (in general) compounds. You never really want to get to the point where you can see sun damage. Best to stay on the safe side of things and apply sunscreen on your tattoos and rest easy knowing that they won’t turn into blobs in the next couple of decades.


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