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How to really make your Manicure last

Nail care 101.

words by: Natasha Marsh
Sep 10, 2022

Getting a manicure is always enjoyable. You get to scour IG for inspiration on what color, design, and shape you want. And then you get to sus out the right nail salon or tools you need. It’s a rather fun and exciting process. Sometimes, one that is short-lived when you realize the manicure you just spent your coins and time on has chipped.


You sit, wondering why you would invest that much again, just for it to last a few days, without even getting a chance to show it off. You didn’t stick your hands in water directly after, you weren’t in a hurry to get it to dry, and you certainly aren’t hard on your hand — so why is it chipping? And better yet, how do you get it to stop chipping?


Things to remember

It all starts with the base. Your manicure, gel or regular polish is really only as good as shaping and maintenance approaches. Make sure you or your tech files and buffs the ridges. Painted nails with ridges can cause the paint to bulge up and look ragged. Not only that, but the un-smooth ridges will eventually lift the paint off quicker than you would like.


Two, avoid getting polish on your cuticles. Once your cuticles are shaped, plucked, and oiled, they should be left alone entirely. If you happen to get paint on your cuticles, it could be the easiest way to encourage the others to lift as well.


Thirdly, invest in nourishing and conditioning nail polishes. Often, this means spending a little bit more for vegan polishes. The ingredients in these vary from regular polishes in that they have more hold, and will be healthier for your nails. In a weird way, your nails will want to keep the polish on, as they’re being nourished.


In addition, using a chip-free polish and a top coat will be your saving grace in a manicure that withholds the test of time. Chip-free polish is generally the same price as regular polish as well, but will help mold the polish to your nail. Applying a top coat on the polish will again help to lock in all the color and keep your polish on longer.


And finally, be sure to fully dry your nails in a cool atmosphere. Failure to dry your manicure properly will result in air bubbles that will eventually lead to chipping.


Gel polish can actually last forever, but is a little tricky to remove. Here’s how to remove gel polish like a pro. You can also try to prep your nails for color at home by following this guide and the tips above. And here are the 4 most popular nail polish brand’s for men this year.