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How to protect your Lungs during COVID-19

Some helpful tips.

words by: Natasha Marsh
Jul 15, 2020

Have you been getting chest pains? Does your chest feel tight? Whether these are real realities or fear and anxiety taking over, lung health has never been more important. The COVID-19 virus deals with the respiratory system. Communities everywhere are issuing mask regulations and 6-feet distancing laws to work against the compromised air – ultimately to protect the virus from entering the lungs.


Lung health is heavily dependent on the air we occupy. If that air is bad, it will negatively affect our lungs. In current times, we might not be able to protect our air spaces, but we can improve the health of our lungs with these steps:


Since you’re stuck inside…

  • Use an at-home air purifier
  • Throw out your dryer sheets: as nice as these may make your clothes smell, their chemicals are heated and then released onto all your clothes
  • Throw some plants into the mix: plants will not only brighten up any room and your mood, but will help to clean the air


Since you’re cleaning a lot…

  • DIY cleaning supplies: “natural products” are often irritants to the lungs. Stick to household products for a fresh and effective cleaning solution. A simple solution can include: vinegar, water, and baking soda
  • Dust it all off: many airborne chemicals like to hide, dusting off your blinds and any other surfaces can keep chemicals at bay


Since you’re cooking now…

  • Use stainless-steel and cast-iron pans: nonstick pans have coatings that can release toxic particles in the atmosphere
  • Utilize that stovetop fan: this will reduce airborne particles from cooking
  • Ride the green wagon: vegetables and fruits are known to support respiratory health 
  • Stock up on vitamins: now is the time to take Vitamin A, Zinc, and omega-3s