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How to repair your color damaged Hair

It happens.

words by: Natasha Marsh
Jan 30, 2020

Were you an *NSYNC or Backstreet Boys fan? I will forever gravitate towards *NSYNC for many reasons, but most notably for their frosted tips. Seeing those five boys play with different styles gave many of us the confidence to change our hair – whether in length or a dramatic new color.

We get it. Dying your hair can be a cool way to switch up your everyday look or something you do to regain a semblance of control during an emotional funk. But if you dye your hair, do so with caution! As someone who has seen many bad hair days due to color treatments, there are limits when it comes to hair. Which I suppose is why *NSYNC transitioned out of their tips phase…

It’s an investment which requires time, attention, and maintenance. So before your next color appointment, whether at home, or in the salon, here are some tips to soften the blow – or, in more extreme cases, treat already damaged hair. 


1. Invest in a sulfate-free shampoo 

Sulfates essentially are detergents. The frothy lather in your shampoo comes from sulfates. It helps remove dirt, oil and buildup. The thing about sulfates, though: it strips your hair of its natural oils which can cause dryness and make your hair more susceptible to environmental damage. 


2. Wash Less

Deciding on how often to wash your hair seems to be a constant debate. Do you wash once a day? Once every other day? Regardless of what your normal routine is, with damaged hair, it’s best to wash less – we recommend a few times a week. Over-cleansing your hair removes protective oils, leaving it dry and brittle. The important thing is to keep hair hydrated. Too much water exposure can cause the hair to swell and stretch the hair shaft, causing split ends and hair loss.

3. Brush your hair, but not when it’s wet

When hair is dyed, it undergoes such an intense chemical processing, so being gentle after coloring is key. You can brush your hair, but avoid brushing when wet – this can cause too much friction and split ends.


4. The DIY way

Yes, applying a mashed avocado to your hair sounds weird and gross and honestly it probably will be. But when your hair is damaged, protein treatments will be your best friend. And if you are low on cash or just enjoy getting your hands a little dirty, this is the one for you.

Start by mashing an avocado and then add one egg. Leave on the scalp for at least 20 minutes and then rinse a couple of times. The avocados will provide rich vitamins and fatty acids to restore your hair back to shine and health. 


Gif by Julie Winegard