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How to stop breaking out between your Eyebrows

Annoying? Yes. Treatable? Absolutely.

words by: Natasha Marsh
Feb 3, 2022

With mask mandates still in full swing, the eyebrows are the most noticeable facial feature on display. And because this pandemic is really just the gift that keeps on giving, unfortunately, in addition to maskne, you might also be experiencing acne between your eyebrows.


Although it doesn’t make it any less annoying, this is actually a common place to experience acne. So don’t feel like you’re not normal. The blockage between the oil gland and the skin surface is real between your eyebrows, making the T-zone a tricky area to target.


You could be experiencing the below breakouts:

Cystic acne: Due to dead skin cell buildup, bacteria, hormones, ingrown hair, overproduction of oil, smoke, and diet you could have cystic acne between your brows.

Pustules: These are small zits that contain pus in them. They can sometimes be red in appearance and have loads of oil and bacteria in them.

Papules: These types of pimples don’t have any visible fluid but could result to an irritating contact like eyebrow wax.


Why am I getting acne between my eyebrows?

Getting down to the root cause of why you are experiencing pimples can help tremendously in figuring out the best solution.


Some of the most common reasons include:

Picking: Picking or squeezing will only add to the problem. Not to mention it could also cause scaring.

Dirty hair: Pimples can happen when dirty hair lays on your forehead. If you have bangs that drop to your eyebrows make sure your hair is always clean.

Diet: The things you place in your body can affect everything, including your skin. Try making the healthiest choices and avoid things like dairy to prevent acne.

Excess oil: The most common cause of all acne — a build up of oil production will clog pores and cause acne lesions.

Eyebrow waxing or products: When you wax you can cause harm or inflammation to the pulled skin. Most experts recommend sugaring instead of waxing.


Got it, now what are some solutions to treat the acne?

There are numerous ways to treat acne, especially the lesions in between your eyebrows.


Start with some of the below options:

Retinol: Exfoliate the skin and have a better turnover of skin cells for smoother texture with retinol. It does however take a bit to notice the difference, so make sure you stick with it for a while. It is one of the most worthy ingredients to treat red, flaking and angry acne.

Clarifying mask: Clay masks will completely take out impurities and purify the skin by absorbing excess oil. Sulfur clarifying masks are even better as they detoxify the skin by drying out pimples and preventing further breakouts. This can be used once or twice a week.

Tea tree oil: Targets bacteria in the skin. Experts recommend you leave the tea tree oil on for a couple hours and you will have minimized pimples and calmed redness.

Charcoal: Like clarifying masks, charcoal will also take out the impurities and clear skin over time. It holds the excess oil and tightens pores without stripping too much moisture.

Benzoyl peroxide: Zaps acne-causing bacteria underneath the skin.


If your acne problems continue, try sea salt and research your laundry detergent as well, it may be the cause.