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How to take care of a Bald Head

A case for a bald winter.

words by: Natasha Marsh
Oct 6, 2021

Never want to worry about another bad hair day? Bed head? Barber appointments? Product selection? Heat tools? If you said yes to all of those questions, it might be time to consider going the bald route.


Bald heads are a statement. They are stylish, can have loads of character, and require very little maintenance. In fact, it doesn’t take a lot of money or effort to successfully pull off a bald look. However, because the scalp is technically skin, it does require some sort of routine. Translation: you’ll need a pre- and post-care routine. To help you out a bit, we put together a guide for all current and prospective baldies.


Your go-to “before” regime

Maintenance and upkeep is key for all haircuts, but especially if you are bald. You might experience bumps, infection, or irritation, so make sure a good moisturizer and SPF is added into your routine.


Trim it

Might sound counterintuitive, but for those not ready to fully embrace baldness, you can start by trimming your hair as short as possible with clippers. This will help the razor stay close to your hair for an even cut.


Pro tip: placing a hot towel on your head before this step will help open up the pores and soften the hair. Last but not least, apply pre-shave oil for an extra layer of protection.


Invest in a shaving cream

Do not miss this step. By selecting a good shaving cream you will ensure the most accurate, close shave. And rinse the blade between every stroke to avoid excess cream.


Your go-to “after” regime

You did it! You are now a ba(l)die, welcome. Now here is when you learn the steps to add to your daily routine to keep the bald glow up in check.


Firstly, you might see excess shine. This is totally normal when you first go bald because you’re not used to seeing your scalp naked. We must present this information with caution though, make sure you wear sun protection when you’re exposed to sun and external stressors like pollution, debris, and dirt.


Refresh skin

Apply a cool towel and a moisturizer to your freshly shaven head. This is especially important after your first cut as it can be more prone to irritation now that it’s on its own. We recommend aloe vera for razor burn and overall skin health.


Wash your hair

This might sound weird considering you don’t currently have hair, but since the scalp is technically skin, you should treat it like the rest of your skin. So apply a small amount of shampoo and conditioner to wash and rinse your scalp properly. Next, top with a daily moisturizer (can be drugstore or luxe brand) to keep scalp hydrated. Remember, now that it’s exposed, it can become dry or irritated quicker.


SPF or bust

Hopefully, this is a given now. But just in case, this should be a must in your routine if you are bald. Trust us, a scalp sunburn is very unpleasant — not to mention the potential loss of firmness.


For those looking to make the jump, these are the 5 best razors to shave your head.


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