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Signs your Hair is thinning & how to deal with it like a man

Defense is the best offense.

words by: Jacob Seferian
Mar 1, 2020

I’m 24 years-old and my hair is thinning. What can I say? Life’s a bitch.

There are few things more terrifying to a man than the prospect of losing their hair – maybe not being able to get hard, but there are drugs for that. Sadly, science is not on our side: 40% of men will experience hair loss by the age of 35. (Guess I just got a headstart? Get it – headstart. I’m crying while typing this.) So as a survivor, I’ve compiled all the must-need info about hair loss and based on where you’re at – some suggestions on how to deal with it.

You can’t fight genetics, but you can work around them.


How you can tell if it’s happening to you…

Hair loss takes many forms, some of which are prettier than others. While it’s true that male pattern baldness is hereditary, it’s a myth that it only corresponds with your mother’s side of the family. Perhaps the most innocuous and friendly manifestation is a receding hairline. Scary but steady, it’s often a reliable thinning pattern – some thinning begins all over and randomly – and is an undeniable sign that hair loss is coming.


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Other warnings signs to look out for…

  • Lots of hair on your pillow.
  • An increasingly noticeable bald spot.
  • A sunburn on your scalp.

Note: studies indicate that the earlier hair loss begins, the more severe it’s likely to become.


OK so you’re balding – now what? 

If you feel alone, you won’t be for long. Nearly two out of every three men will begin balding by the age of 60. The question then becomes how do you handle the inevitable.


Convert your style to better suit your new reality.

Beyond the obvious of wearing a hat, there are more creative ways you can approach the situation. For example, consider a new hairstyle that works in your favor. The longer your hair is the more obvious thinning becomes. To avoid the comb over effect, try cutting your hair short. Rock a Caesar cut or bald or blurry fade.



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Find a hairstyle that works for you and doesn’t draw attention to your problem area(s).


Limit your unhealthy habits.

Stress and cigarettes have been linked to hair loss. If you’re noticing thinning, lay off the smokes and explore ways to manage your stress levels. Naturally, you can’t quit your job (or can you?), but try meditation or steady exercise.


Defense is the best offence.

You can’t stop hair loss, but you can slow it down. “It’s much easier to retain hair or slow the progress down with treatment than to restore hair once it has been lost,” trichologist Sally-Ann Tarver told FashionBeans. There are steps you can take to buy you more time, and the sooner you attend to your scalp – the better.



  • Eat more protein!
  • Stock up on B vitamins, zinc, iron, and silica – i.e. apricots, cereal, and bananas.
  • Take Biotin supplements to encourage hair health.
  • Reduce your alcohol intake.



  • Don’t use heavy stylist products or gels.
  • Over-brushing wet hair – you want to keep what you’ve got.
  • Rub your hair with a towel, rather air dry.
  • Dye your hair with chemicals.


Man up and shave your head.

At some point, all attempts to hide the obvious just look silly. Give it up, take the L and reach for the razor. Hey – one survey found that 84% of women said that loss would not affect how attracted they were to a partner.

It’ll be OK, we promise.