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Here are 3 Tips on how to treat summertime Eczema

Seriously, stop scratching.

words by: Alee Kwong
Jul 8, 2021

Look, global warming isn’t a new concept. The Pacific Northwest recently experienced an oppressive heatwave, the ocean was on fire, and the most messed up part is that this will probably be the coolest summer we are going to have moving forward. With extreme heat comes a lot of skin irritation, which usually leads to some form of eczema.


If you’ve never experienced the hellish wrath of eczema, then consider yourself lucky. Many people develop eczema at a young age, but a handful of people receive the misfortune of having it triggered later in life. Having an eczema outbreak is unlike your run-of-the-mill rash or hives. It’s persistent, can become unbearably painful, and leaves stubborn scars.


So how do you treat summertime eczema? Follow the three tips below for starters.


1. Swap out your body wash

People who are going through it with eczema need to have a trusty body wash in their arsenal. I’m not talking about using this exclusively during an eczema breakout. This is a body wash you need to be using during every trip to the shower. The more moisturized and calm your skin is, the less likely you are to risk an outbreak. Look for ingredients like calendula, oatmeal, and aloe. While oil body cleansers are a great alternative to the traditional sudsy body washes, try to stray away from essential oils — they are generally irritating.


2. Moisturize after you shower

I know, this seems obvious. You would be surprised how many people don’t moisturize after they shower. When water evaporates from your skin, you are essentially losing moisture. As someone with eczema, you want to trap as much moisture on your body as possible. You can do this by sealing in all that post-shower moisture with an occlusive — aka a body cream that will form a barrier to hold all the hydration close to your skin.


3. Don’t scratch!

More painfully obvious notes, but this has to be echoed until the end of time. Not only will scratching make the itching infinitely worse, but you’re running the risk of creating a scar that will take ten times longer to heal than it did to form. Instead of breaking down and indulging in a scratch marathon, use an eczema-specific cream as soon as you feel an itch coming. I recommend storing your eczema cream in the fridge for a cooling effect that will instantly soothe and calm your skin.


If you need more pointers on how to transition your entire skincare routine from a winter one into a summer one, continue reading here.


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