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How women are striving in the Barbershop

Shaping the community in their own way.

words by: Jacob Seferian
Apr 25, 2018

They know your secrets, and you’re more loyal to them than your spouses. They possess the ability to make you feel confident, sexy, and empowered. Fuck eyes, the cut is the real gateway to the soul, and barbers hold your fate in their clippers. In the past it has been strictly male profession. That’s all changing now.

Nowadays it’s not uncommon to see a chick behind the chair, talking shit with the best of them, and producing some of the freshest cuts in the shop. But what appears as a simple role reversal, is actually a radical act. The barber shop has traditionally been a center of community, going beyond providing a simple service, it’s also a multi-generational space for men to build relationships and exchange thought. For a woman to infiltrate the ranks of the male-dominated profession serves as an apt metaphor for a time when gender equality is at the forefront of national conversation.

Beyond diversifying the space, female barbers are also shaping the presentation of the community’s men. A haircut is never simply a haircut (as anyone who’s ever gotten a botched doo can attest), and there’s a poetic justice in a woman not only thriving in a traditionally exclusionary space, but also guiding the visual narrative. Maybe now you’ll think twice about how you’ve treated the women in your life when she’s holding shears inches from your skull; although, you’d hope such thought isn’t inspired only when faced with mauling.

Squire is a clientele focussed provider, hoping to bring the rich tradition of barber shops to the modern man. An app that delivers the convenience of today, without losing the hospitality of yesterday. And part of bringing the profession into the new millennium means a commitment to diversity, that’s why Squire is proud to offer a selection of local barber shops with female barbers.

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