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If you’re going outside during COVID-19, this is what you should be wearing

Stay safe everyone.

words by: Natasha Marsh
Mar 30, 2020

The news around COVID-19 can be both informational and, depending on where it comes from, false. People are scared to go outside but sometimes it’s necessary. If you’ve been going outside for work, food, or nature, it’s good to be prepared and knowledgeable of the facts. To help you decide what to wear while outside, we broke down the most common concerns. 

Will the virus stick to my clothes?

There is no data to suggest you can be infected directly through your clothes. Many scientists are working on gathering and analyzing data to see if this could change. So far, tests have found the virus has a 24 hour lifespan on non-porous surfaces, like paper and cardboard, and a three-day life span on plastic and steel. 


Is it attracted to specific material?

No. On Instagram I saw people discussing the importance of getting rid of cotton to avoid being infected. Yes, cotton and sweat wicking materials are great for absorbing sweat. But that doesn’t mean they will absorb the virus. There has been no scientific proof that some fabrics are more susceptible than others. You can hang onto these garments.


If I go outside, should I change my clothes when I get back in?

Short answer: yes. Although the virus doesn’t infect directly through your clothes, it’s possible that your clothes could have been contaminated and the touch from your clothes to your mouth, eyes, or nose could contaminate you. Washing your clothes on warm with detergent will remove any potential contamination. 


What should I wear?

Essentially you can wear whatever you’d like as long as you wash your hands and clothes when returning home. The virus is very easily transmitted through our fingertips, hence the emphasis on handwashing. When out and about, continue to wear gloves – especially when grabbing food from the aisle and inputting your card pin at checkout lanes.