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IKEA is expanding its smart speaker lamp collection

A collaboration with Sonos.

words by: Sahar Khraibani
Nov 27, 2021

The first table light speaker from IKEA and Sonos, with its bulbous, mushroom-esque lampshade, fabric-covered speaker, and a plate beneath it all, wasn’t precisely a widespread fit for domestic style. In other words, it may not have been the biggest success. But the concept of a light that also pairs as a speaker was in itself a great thought — so the companies are back with their second attempt.


The modern SYMFONISK Table Lamp features a more traditional design, fixes the original’s frustratingly restricted bulb compatibility, and features a patched up speaker design that does a much better job spreading music across the entire room.


IKEA is presently offering the base/speaker and lampshade independently; the previous cost $140, and you’ll be able to choose between a glass ($39) or material ($29) shade. The glass shade is presently open-ended and encompasses an auxiliary and opaque glass barrel running up the center, which has the bulb. It’s still not going to be everyone’s taste, but the general style could be a bit more fitting for different styles.


IKEA and Sonos claim that the second-generation SYMFONISK light incorporates totally redesigned acoustic engineering. The foremost noteworthy expansion may be a waveguide that allows for spreading the speaker’s sound around a room. This means that you won’t stress about a “sweet spot for the sound” when finding a spot for the light.


On its website, IKEA shares:

“This speaker has a rich and vibrant sound that fills the entire room and allows you to create the right atmosphere at home. The speaker is a collaboration between IKEA and Sonos, so it easily integrates with other products from Sonos.”


While Sonos provided a little more technical information:

“Sonos has collaborated with IKEA on SYMFONISK, a range of WiFi speakers designed to democratize the home sound system. Combining our expertise in sound and technology with IKEA knowledge of home furnishing, SYMFONISK WiFi speakers seamlessly fit into the home to enhance everyday life and integrate with the Sonos system. Easily mount the WiFi speaker on a kitchen rail like KUNGSFORS rail. Use it as a bookshelf by mounting it on the wall with the bracket. Pair two for stereo separation, and use them as home theater surrounds with Sonos Beam, Amp, Playbar, or Playbase.”


IKEA is selling the Wi-Fi compatible SYMFONISK Table Lamp with a textile white shade for $169 and both the white glass shade and black glass shade versions for $179.


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Photo via IKEA