Is it insensitive to celebrate when the world is grieving?

An unpopular opinion.

words by: Natasha Marsh
Mar 26, 2022

A month ago, I spent 5 days in Colombia with 11 of my friends for a friend’s 30th birthday party. We ate amazing food, danced until 5AM in the morning every night, and got to sleep in a four-story villa that was on the sand at the beach. To say it was a blissful holiday is an understatement.


However, we got home to the news of Ukraine and Russia, and the potential World War that might ensue, and our happiness instantly vanished as we dove deeper into the stories of families being split apart, death, harsh treatments from the governments, and the lack of the solidarity and resources being providing by the country in which we reside in. Like most people, it’s been very difficult to hear the news and feel good about anything.


It’s a question I’ve been asking myself a lot lately: Is it insensitive to celebrate when the world is grieving? People are in pain, being taken away from their families, losing their homes, going bankrupt, and dying. When you know this is occurring, should you supply help? Opt to do something for the greater good in your community? Cancel all your upcoming events that were postponed from the first 2 years of the pandemic in support of what is going on in the world? When you couple what’s happening between Ukraine and Russia, with the global losses people have experienced in this worldwide pandemic, you might start to feel like there would never be a reason to celebrate.


And if you take this mentality and realize that people have always been suffering, then hasn’t it always been insensitive to celebrate? The answer, of course, is completely up to your own discretion and capacity to hold certain emotions. But it’s something I’ve been battling with. I believe in celebrating life, like going to Colombia for my friend’s milestone birthday or going to a baby shower to welcome in a full new life into the world. I believe in celebrating love with the union of two people at a wedding.


But I also believe in helping people and being considerate to what’s going on in the world. And things are currently so bad that it makes celebrating anything right now difficult. Some days I’m not sure the two go hand-in-hand, other days I’m really concerned about the lack on sensitivity for the world’s pain. What do you think? Is now an okay time to be celebrating?


For live updates on the Russia and Ukraine conflict, check here.