Instagram’s unreleased Candid Challenges too close to BeReal

The latest attempt to cater to Gen Z.

words by: Sahar Khraibani
Sep 6, 2022

Instagram is reportedly testing a new feature called “Candid Challenges,” that is eerily similar to the new app BeReal, which is rising in popularity, especially among Gen Z.


While this feature has not been released yet, it was spotted by Allesandro Paluzzi, who is a developer known for spotting updates before they become public and reverse engineering apps in order to find earlier versions of forthcoming updates. Apparently, a spokesperson confirmed that this feature is currently an “internal prototype.”



The whole premise of BeReal is the short window of time where you’re allowed to take photo that has to be shot in the moment (and cannot be uploaded), in an effort to push social media towards being more “real”.


Instagram users who take part in Candid Challenges will receive a reminder to take a picture of their surroundings at a different time each day. Users will have a two-minute window to take a photo after receiving the alert, and the Instagram camera will also open with both front- and back-facing camera. This content will also appear in Stories.


This is exactly what BeReal offers, and it’s interesting to see how Instagram continues to adopt features of other social media platforms.


BeReal is marketed as a more candid, genuine, and authentic alternative to mainstream social media platforms. Personally, I have been on hiatus from social media apps, but I’ve been using BeReal. It feels refreshingly honest. Additionally, the way the app is designed makes it so that you are not scrolling endlessly on the feed. You are only able to check what your friends post if you make a post yourself, making it even easier to avoid “doomscrolling.”


It’s unclear at this time whether or not and when Instagram plans to introduce the feature. According to Mark Zuckerberg, attracting young adults, who are spending more time on non-Meta platforms, is crucial to the future of Meta. Even though TikTok is presently its main competitor, the social media giant is known for actively monitoring its competitors and copying functionalities.


Additionally, Instagram just added a new “Dual” mode to its in-app camera that imitates the BeReal-inspired technique.


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