Meta’s new editing features for Instagram and Facebook Reels

Will they catch up to TikTok?

words by: Sahar Khraibani
Jun 22, 2022

In a race to compete for the best social media app, Meta has just added a new set of features and editing tools to Facebook and Instagram Reels, allowing for a smoother process of editing, creating, and scheduling content. This is fueled by its competitor, TikTok, and their continuous rise in popularity.


The most important aspect of this is that Meta is now providing support for lengthier Instagram Reels of up to 90 seconds, instead of the previous 60 seconds, as well as adding a Sound Sync capability to Facebook Reels. This is somewhat prompted by TikTok’s expansion into YouTube territory when they introduced the ability to have TikToks of up to 10 minutes long instead of only 3 minutes.


Another one of these features is the ability to schedule and edit Facebook Reels on desktop via Creator Studio. The company is also introducing a new tool for producing video clippings from long-form videos that have already been published on the platform as short-form content.


Additionally, gamers now have the option to clip up to 60 seconds from a livestream with dual perspectives for both gameplay and creator cam and create Reels directly from their live content.


Meta is also using exiting features created for Instagram Stories, and bringing them to Reels in the hopes of making Reels more popular. These include Quizzes, Polls, and Emoji slider stickers for Instagram Stories, which will also be accessible as Reels features.


Though it does feel like a smart move on Meta’s behalf to repurpose its creative tools for Reels, the company does run the risk of not making Reels feel differentiated from Stories. This is an important point to think about especially if the company’s trying to create a bigger hype around its Reels function.


In an effort to increase discovery and give creators more exposure, Facebook will also promote suggested Reels in its global Feed, as well as in Watch and Groups. It serves as a reminder to creators that Reels will be prioritized and sorted according to their ability to present original content.


While the variety of reels made by producers may increase as a result of these developments, quality is perhaps where Meta falls short when it comes to Reels. It is hard to replicate the organic way TikTok’s videos tend to circulate and be discovered. But in adding these new editing features, the hope is that Reels can become just as important in the near future.


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Photo via Meta