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Instagram’s feed sharing ban statement hurts Artists and Activists

IG says they hear the community, but do they really?

words by: Sahar Khraibani
Mar 17, 2021

Instagram, the social media platform that has literally taken over the world, is trialing a new feature that is meant to disable its users from being able to share posts from their feed onto their stories.


This news came to light after many users reported receiving notification that read: Testing a change to sharing to stories. We hear from our community that they want to see fewer feed posts in stories. During this test, you won’t be able to add a feed post to your story.”


As we previously reported earlier in February, the company claimed that they: “hear from our community that they want to see fewer feed posts in stories.” At the time, Instagram had not yet shared a statement. Recently, on Social Media today, they expanded on the alert and shared the following: “We’ve seen from research that people prefer to see original photos and videos in stories from the people they care about. The goal of our test is to better understand how people feel about this type of content, and ultimately improve the stories experience.”


Resharing feed posts in stories has become the best way to disseminate the ideas of artists and activists these days. By removing this function, Instagram is immediately limiting this invaluable interaction and well of information sharing. We can’t help but wonder about the motives of this move. Seeing as Instagram is owned by Facebook—whose involvement in the 2016 elections has been thoroughly exposed—is there any way that this could be read as another method for controlling the information that we receive?


This slow ban of the sharing feature is detrimental for artists, activists, and creators, especially when it comes to spreading awareness about local or political issues. Maybe it’s time to reconsider these changes imposed upon us by social media apps that seem to be increasingly shaping our lives and taking away from our personal agency and communal power.