IG Posts and Reels get sharable with QR Codes

This actually could be useful.

words by: Sahar Khraibani
Sep 11, 2022

Just when we thought that sharing posts and Reels couldn’t get easier, Instagram introduces a new feature that allows users to share posts and Reels via QR code. Another addition is the ability to share a QR code location through the searchable Map experience that the company introduced earlier this month. While most people consider sending direct messages or sharing a URL to share a specific Reel or post, QR codes can be useful in marketing initiatives, as well as advancing businesses and highlighting certain content.


Users can use the QR code sharing tool by selecting the three dots menu from any Reel, post, or location. A QR code can also be created by adding “/qr” to a post’s URL on the web. It is important to note here that Instagram has long offered the capability of sharing profiles using QR codes, but the company is introducing this option for individual posts for the first time.


Alesandro Paluzzi shared in a tweet in March that “#Instagram is working on the ability to share posts using a QR code” but it seems that the feature is now available for the use of the general public.



It’s not clear if the QR code-sharing feature is rolling out to all users across the globe, but for now it seems to be available to several users in the United States.


How will it be useful?

This feature could be useful in a variety of situations. For example, actors could post it in public places to advertise their upcoming film or television production; musicians could post a QR code that would direct viewers to a Reel that might be a teaser for a new song or album; and restaurants could print these out so that customers could view the location and its pictures before going there.


Overall, it is a smart strategy to make access to posts and Reels potentially more widespread. We have become used to QR codes during the pandemic, seeing as most restaurants and venues have been using them to access content instead of having physical menus or posters or flyers.


Many startups have also started using QR codes in an attempt to make shopping experiences fasters. This makes us think that Instagram may be using this new QR feature to push for its shopping-related content seeing as it is moving further and further into monetizing the app.


Instagram has been making changes but also facing backlash for changing up too much.


Photo via Instagram