Instagram is testing a new repost tool

Retweets, but make it for IG.

words by: Sahar Khraibani
Oct 4, 2022

Instagram is planning on allowing users to repost other users’ posts and reels. Even though this feature is not yet released publicly, the app will begin testing it on select users very soon.


Social media consultant Matt Navara first spotted the new feature and posted a screenshot revealing a “Repost” tab. He also shared what the new Instagram repost feature intro screen looks like. The screenshot shows that in addition to the tabs for posts, reels, and tagged photos, users’ profiles will also have a Repost tab. All of the posts and reels that users have shared on their profiles will most likely be located in this area.


The concept of reposts is not new. In fact, it has more or less been pioneered by Twitter, with their Retweet feature. Meta’s Instagram may be following suit because TikTok is testing its own version of a repost feature that will allow users to amplify certain videos and content on their platforms.


For those of us who have been on Instagram since the early 2010s, way before Stories were a thing, reposting a post on the feed required downloading other apps and having to deal with wordy captions and hashtags that came with third party apps.


The way the app currently stands, there is no direct way to repost other people’s posts on Instagram directly. The most common way to do this has always been to use third-party apps. The new feature being built into Instagram’s interface will eliminate the need to leave the app in order to post a re-share.


Despite the fact that you can already share a post in your Story, the forthcoming repost feature will allow you to share the post in your feed. Instagram is attempting to give users a better option to widely share posts they enjoy even though it is probably aware that many of its users already use the Stories sharing tool and also use DMs to share posts with friends.


According to the screenshot provided by Navarra, reposts on Instagram will show up in your followers’ feeds as well as on your profile in the dedicated repost tab.


It’s unclear when or if Instagram plans to make its repost option available to all users, just like with any other test feature. When the feature soon begins the testing phase, we’ll probably learn more about it.


IG is changing every single day, from going back on its changes after major backlash and posts and Reels being paywalled.