Instagram Creators can now remix any public Video

It’s giving TikTok a run for its money.

words by: Sahar Khraibani
Mar 4, 2022

Instagram recently announced that users would be able to remix any video material on the platform, not just short-form reels. Last March, the company debuted Remix, its version of TikTok Duets. Users can utilize the functionality to record their reels video alongside another user’s film to connect, respond, collaborate, or showcase other material on the Instagram Reels platform. Instagram has now declared that any public video on the app is open game for remixing. However, the feature will only operate on videos that are publicly available from now on; it will not work on older content.



This extension made sense because Remix has been well-received by Reels users. It sought to provide creators with greater options for reinventing their content and collaborating with other people. Creators will still have access to Reels’ range of creative tools, including Collabs, Voiceover, Effects, and Audio Tools, while remixing a non-Reels video.


After the update goes live, users may access the new feature by tapping the three-dot menu in the upper right corner of any public Instagram video. You can then select “Remix this video,” and record your response, or upload a video from your phone’s camera roll. Creators can remix the entirety of the video or a portion of another’s video and download it as part of the remix. The resulting remixed video will appear wherever you distribute your reels.


Though the feature’s extension may encourage more remixing, and hence, more content for Instagram Reels, it’s unclear whether all Instagram artists will agree to their video content being repurposed in this way. Those who don’t want to take part can opt-out of having their films remade in Account Settings. This can be found in the “Reels and Remix Controls” feature, which now allows you to toggle remixes on or off for both reels, and feed videos. If they want to leave the setting on, creators who want to enable some videos to be remixed but not others will be able to deactivate remixes on a per-video basis.


Instagram appears to assume that anyone with a public account wants to be a “maker,” and is open to having their work repurposed by other users with the launch of remixes for public videos. But, as we all know, this is not always the case. Many Instagram users may have just left their accounts set to public when they first signed up, unaware that doing so would later expose their content to a potentially far-larger audience.


Instagram isn’t the first social media platform to need users to consent to their video being repurposed in order to compete with TikTok. When YouTube introduced its own TikTok competitor, YouTube Shorts, it allowed creators to sample audio from other people’s films and use it on their own. Instagram has now pushed things to the next level.



In related Instagram news, the platform has committed to take down TikTok, as evidenced from the above article and is going to try to achieve this with its new subscriptions service for creators and its own NFT platform.


Photo via Instagram