All IG videos will potentially be turning into Reels

To keep up with — you guessed it — Gen Z.

words by: Sahar Khraibani
Jul 24, 2022

This summer has seen so many updates and changes to Instagram. It seems that the platform we once knew, is no longer the same. This may be an attempt to resuscitate the app’s popularity among Gen Z, who seem to be veering away from such social media apps.


In a new recent test, as part of this massive upheaval, Instagram is testing the option of turning all video posts into Reels. This is also a push by the social media platform to prioritize short-form video content on the app as opposed to static posts. Before uploading clips as Reels, Instagram users can edit all video footage with a variety of editing tools, music, and effects.


For public accounts, videos in the form of Reels can be discovered and remixed by any user on the app, similarly to the way users can duet videos on TikTok.  In addition to this, with this new feature, anyone can utilize the original audio from public Reels to make their own material.


Social media consultant Matta Navara shared the news via Twitter, stating that Instagram will be turning “every video into a reel.” According to TechCrunch, Instagram is “testing this feature as part of [their] efforts to simplify and improve the video experience on Instagram.” However, it is yet to be revealed whether or not the platform will be making this change permanent or if it’s just temporary, and we are not yet sure how this update would affect videos that have been already uploaded and posted onto Instagram.


According to a quarterly earnings report released in 2021, Reels is the fastest growing content format for Meta. This is no surprise to anyone seeing as the TikTok-style videos are the most popular content on the internet today.


​​It appears that the amount of time spent watching short-form videos has increased significantly since last year. Pertaining to Meta, Facebook is accounting for 80% of that gain. In order to bank on this significant increase, the company is willing to alter the home pages of Facebook and Instagram in order to better incorporate the video format.


The company would have more content to share if all video postings were made into Reels, which would lead to more people watching videos on the platform and a higher potential for ad revenue for the format’s eventual monetization. However, not all Instagram tests end up making it as a permanent change, so it is uncertain whether this one will make it through the testing stage.


In other related news, Instagram has announced a full visual rebranding.


Photo via Instagram