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Instagram has announced a full visual rebranding

They really defined the typeface as using “squircles.”

words by: Sahar Khraibani
Jun 13, 2022

While it hasn’t been hit with the same amount of criticism as its parent company, Meta, Instagram‘s appeal seems to be fading, as users flock to the less polished and curated world of video-based platforms like TikTok.


It is in this spirit that the social media app unveiled a full visual rebrand, which is supposed to be inspired by its large community of billions of users. As shared in the accompanying blog post, they wanted the brand to “better reflect Instagram’s role as a place to explore, share and push culture forward. Our mission for this work was to create an immersive and inclusive experience.”


The details

This is Instagram’s first visual update since 2016, when they changed their logo and started using the pink gradient mark.


Even though their visual rebrand does not include a change in the logomark, it definitely served as inspiration for Instagram Sans. This is the name of the new custom typeface that they created for the brand, designed to be a combination of squares and circles, or as the company describes them “squircles.”


Instagram collaborated with type foundries all around the world to create a custom new typeface inspired by its existing logo’s spherical-square shape. The typeface is available in three styles: Regular, Headline, and Condensed, and was created in partnership with Colophon Foundry, as well as other global type foundries. It will be available for users to try out themselves in Instagram Stories and Reels, as well as appearing on billboards and websites.


The gradient, which is another of Instagram’s most recognizable trademarks, has been changed utilizing a 3D modeling method to make it feel more illuminated.


They went in-depth explaining the minute choices of their visual rebrand in their blog post:

“Our vibrant gradient was reimagined using an innovative 3D modeling process to make it feel illuminated and alive. The Instagram gradient, made up of our brand colors, is the foundation of our complete color system. Through illumination, the gradient signals moments of discovery in our marketing, logo and even in-app as seen in Create mode, stickers and Instagram Story rings. We’re excited to bring life to the Instagram experience through the energy of our reimagined gradient.”


While not enough time has passed to know what the public reception is of this rebrand, we can conclude that the inclusion of this new typeface will potentially make the app’s content stand out in what seems to be a saturated landscape.


You can learn more about Instagram’s brand on their dedicated website.


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Photo via Instagram