Is Instagram creating a Voice recording feature for Story responses?

We could do without this.

words by: Sahar Khraibani
May 7, 2022

Instagram is rumored to be working on a new way for you to respond to your friends’ Stories, similar to Snapchat. The new feature would allow users to create audio notes as another method to react to Instagram Stories, according to Alessandro Paluzzi, a developer who discovers impending new features through reverse engineering programs.


Alessandro Paluzzi shared an image from Instagram Stories in a tweet. There’s a new microphone icon in the place where Story replies are located in Paluzzi’s screenshot, which will most likely allow you to record a voice message and then submit it as a reaction to an Instagram Story.



It’s worth noting that just because Alessandro Paluzzi discovered the voice message reaction feature in Instagram’s code, doesn’t mean the feature will be released. This remains more or less speculative. Sometimes, developers design a feature they don’t use in their program—for one reason or another. Instagram, likewise, has said nothing about this potential feature, which makes us further think that this feature may not be released.


Instagram’s new private Story likes reply category is yet another example of the company’s ongoing efforts to improve its platform. When you like a Story, Instagram no longer sends a direct message to the user. Instagram implemented the move in order to focus the DMs more on dialogues between you and your followers, rather than mere emojis and reactions.


It seems that Instagram is continuously trying to create features that make interactions more and more seamless on its platform. However, the social media platform’s popularity is no longer on the rise, especially with the dominance of other video-based platforms, such as TikTok.


If we think about it though, this new potential voice message response to Instagram Stories may really not be as exciting as we think it is. After all, if we don’t want inboxes cluttered with DMs, do we necessarily want them to be full of voice messages?


Sure, voice messages are a great feature for people who are always on the go and don’t have much time to respond via typing, and they are definitely a better alternative than getting a phone call (that is, if you’re close enough with the person). But it remains somewhat of an unnecessary addition if you ask us.


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