Small things to level up your Personal Space

These three things make a huge difference.

words by: Alee Kwong
Mar 11, 2021

There’s one thing that I have valued more than anything this past year and it’s my personal space. Obviously, I’m not talking about the physical distance I require when interacting with others (because we should have all set the personal space preference to a 6-foot minimum by now), but rather the space within my home that I spend the most time in. Like many people who are working from home right now, we find ourselves setting up shop for the day in our rooms.


Sometimes you’ll venture to the kitchen table for the benefit of closer proximity to food and coffee, maybe you’ll compromise and spend your workday in the living room for that perfect balance between a change of environment and comfort. No matter how often you try and push yourself, there’s nothing quite like grinding at the 9-5 and having the warmth and comfort of your own room around you. While I like to consider myself a simple person with simple pleasures, I have found a few additions to my personal space that have brought me a lot of comfort during these emotionally uncomfortable times.


1. Incense/Candle

I need all listening ears here because it can’t be stressed enough – a good incense and a solid go-to candle can change up any given space. I can’t be proven wrong. These two items are listed first for a reason. What was once just a space where you had a few Zoom meetings and slept is now a sanctuary where you fully exist and vibe. When you find that one scent that just hits you differently, you’ll understand what I mean. My favorite incense is Blackbird’s Gorgo ($34) and my ride-or-die candle is (MALIN + GOETZ)’s Cannabis ($54). If you don’t know where to start and you love earthy tones, just go out and start with those two. You’ll thank me later.


2. A Plush Blanket

Winter has been lowkey brutal this year. With multiple snowstorms in the span of a couple of weeks in New York and Texas seeing a deadly winter unlike any before it, having a soft plush blanket is an underrated staple and confirmed MVP of the winter season. I prefer my blankets to be on the lighter side in terms of weight, but the options are truly limitless when it comes to plush blankets. Peep this NY Mag breakdown of some of the best options on the market right now. You can wear it on your lap during your Zoom meetings, take a little afternoon lunch nap with it, sulk around your apartment or home with it draped over your shoulders, etc. There are no pandemic rules revolving around comfort.


3. Hydro Flask

I used to be so good about staying hydrated, but something about being closer to a water refill has made me less inclined to actually fill up on water and stay hydrated. I thought keeping a glass of water would suffice and initially, I wholeheartedly believed being in closer proximity to my kitchen for a water refill would be motivation enough to frequently get up and refill my glass. I learned (by the headache-induced dehydration) that I’m the type of person who can get lost in my tasks and go hours without drinking water. This irresponsible oversight resulted in my lips drying out and cracking, my skin dulling, and my migraines attacking me every other day. Having a whole 21oz Hydro Flask bottle staring at me on my desk while I work has not only been a great reminder to periodically refill my water, but it’s dramatically increased my water intake.