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Here’s why you should consider Intermittent Fasting

Since barbers barely eat all day anyways.

words by: Thugwife
Oct 25, 2021

Being on our feet for 8-10 hour days can be grueling, but I also find that when I’m in the flow, it’s best not to be taken out of my zone. So I have learned to adapt my lifestyle with my schedule. Take into consideration intermittent fasting.


What it is

In layman’s terms, intermittent fasting is a scheduled meal cycle outside of your traditional breakfast/lunch/dinner schedule. Breakfast is called this because it is when you break your fast after sleeping. However, with intermittent fasting you can begin your day with a black coffee and hold off on food until your scheduled chosen eating hours.


Why it works

Rather than focusing on what to eat, you focus on when to eat. I’m not saying go all out binging, but fasting has been proven to help your body burn fat and manage your weight. In the age of fast food and technology, many people are eating more and exercising less; which can lead to health problems, however, intermittent fasting can reserve and prevent health issues.


Intermittent fasting has been proven to boost thinking and memory, improve blood pressure and resting heart rate, as well as better physical performance while maintaining muscle mass.


Where to start

There are different ways to intermittent fast:


Choose a daily approach – choose what to eat only between a 6 hour or 8 hour window and fast the rest of the hours in the day.

The 5:2 approach – eating regularly 5 days a week and limiting yourself to one meal a day the other 2 days.


Important considerations

Staying hydrated is important. Drinking water, black coffee, and tea are permitted and essential for optimal health. Always consult a physician or dietician before beginning, especially if you have pre-existing health conditions. They can help you determine the best method of action.


Bon Appetit!


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