Ironheart will be introduced in ‘Black Panther: Wakanda Forever’

RIP Iron Man, but it’s time for us to get over it.

words by: Alee Kwong
Nov 6, 2021

If things weren’t exciting enough in the world of Marvel, we are getting an exciting new character in the upcoming Black Panther sequel. Back in mid-August, it was confirmed that we were getting another new Marvel series, Ironheart, which will begin production in April 2022. For those who are unfamiliar with the character, Marvel will set-up context and general interest in the newest addition to the MCU via Black Panther: Wakanda Forever alongside the new Black Panther, Shuri.


The confirmation

Marvel Studios President, Kevin Feige, confirmed including Riri Williams/Ironheart (played by Dominique Thorne) in the Black Panther sequel. This announcement came after the news that she would star in the Disney+ series. Thorne’s debut as the fan-favorite character from the comics is one of many ways that Black Panther 2  is expected to have significant influence on the MCU’s future. However, details on how this character will factor into the film’s story have yet to be officially revealed. But some new set photos have shed more light on Ironheart’s role in Black Panther 2.



Who is Ironheart?

From the new set photos of Riri Williams wearing an MIT T-shirt, fans have deduced that the film has kept the character’s backstory intact. In the comics, the young prodigy attends the university, and that connection to the deceased Tony Stark’s collegiate backstory could go a long way in the shared universe. In Captain America: Civil War, we saw Tony Stark on-stage commencing the September Foundation during his keynote speech at MIT. The September Foundation was also used as a front to recruit Peter Parker to fight alongside Stark against the Sokovia Accords nay-sayers. It is being said that Riri could even be a recipient of the grant in the MCU, which could allow Stark to inadvertently and posthumously help her take over the Iron Man mantle.


It’s unclear whether or not Ironheart will have a large role in Black Panther 2. However large the involvement, it’s clear that introducing this character will not only seamlessly set the stage for the Disney+ series, but will also give some much needed closure for those who are still mourning the death of Iron Man in Avengers: End Game.


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Photos via Screen Rant/XRealm Eternals (via Twitter)