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Is Disney+ and Thrust the new Netflix & Chill?

Not rated G.

words by: Radhiya Sabnani
Dec 26, 2019

Disney has joined the streaming wars, and while it was originally believed to be a family friendly, the streaming service’s popularity with adults has earned it a naughty reputation. 

You know the phrase “Netflix and Chill”, millennial code for come over and f**k, now make way for Disney+ and Thrust. 

For those of us that grew up with Disney, it has really shaped who we’ve become. Whether you’re waiting for true love’s kiss, wishing upon a shooting star, or trying to break from the constraints of tradition, Disney is there for you.

But now, we’ve grown up a little. And while Disney speaks a lot of love and destiny, there’s one part they never really teach us about…the sex! Like our favorite princess and princes, we’re growing up. The arrival of Disney+ is the perfect excuse to bond over a shared interest in our favorite childhood shows while getting it on. Who needs to ruin the innocence on screen, when we can ruin it off screen?

It’s kind of like a kinky game.

Disney+ launched on November 12, 2019 and people went nuts. By the second day of its launch, Disney+ had 10 million subscribers for just $7 a month. This is a huge deal considering HBO Now, although a pricier option, took around three years to reach 5 million subscribers. 

Between all things Disney, Marvel, Pixar, and Star Wars, Disney+ is loaded with “nearly 500 films and 7,500 episodes of television,” and plans to expand internationally. It’s the perfect option for children, nostalgic lovers, or a bunch of horny teens trying to find an excuse to get someone in bed. 

As writer Adam Rogers puts it, “Netflix and Amazon have a lot of titles for subscribers to enjoy – Disney has a whole universe.

That’s hot.