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Is that Dennis Rodman or someone on the J Train?

Iconic looks.

words by: Team ULTRA
Jan 16, 2020

Notorious former NBA basketball player and now style icon, Dennis Rodman used to get a lot of shit for his eccentric looks. But upon modern examination… earrings, crop-tops, neon-colored hair? This Twitter user noticed something.


Admittedly, as a culture we’ve been drawing heavily on 90s style. E-boys look like they walked straight out of a Daria episode. Rodman’s zany, genderless brand of fashion shocked when it first debuted, but today it’s not far from the mainstream. Hell, GQ dubbed him the “Patron Saint of Cool” in 2019.

The ULTRA team is getting serious J train vibes: the 20-something boys who live between Marcy and Halsey and frequent bars like Mood Ring. You know the type.