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IT BOY: Harry Hill

words by: Jacob Seferian
May 14, 2020

It’d be a reach to call Harry Hill an anti-influencer; he undeniably benefits and relishes in the opportunity, but unlike his peers, Harry’s brand of influence is posted with snark and a wink. (His Instagram bio reads “Bella Hadid’s 5th cousin-in-law.”) Garnering a hefty online following for his wordy, tongue-in-cheek captions, Hill is David Sedaris if David Sedaris were a Gossip Girl staffer.

Although he initially built an audience by satirizing lifestyle influencers, the 20-something has now joined their ranks – partnering with brands and hanging out with Caroline Calloway, he mocks his way to the bank. A likely evolution, as Hill genuinely adores the post-millennial media elite he skewers. He may play vapid for likes, but Harry understands the ambivalence with which fame is bestowed in 2020. And he’s tossing his flower crown in the ring.


IT BOY is a series spotlighting creatives you should know.


What are you doing right now?

Trying to remember what life was like before we were all quarantined. And writing the next episode of my podcast, Scrolling with Harry and Austin.


What do you call what you do?

I’d call it content creation with a dash of influencing, and a heavy pour of writing. 


Name the last thing that made you laugh?

The last thing that genuinely made me laugh was something on Tik Tok. The kids these days… their minds… kudos to them. 



Ooo tough one. I recently read A Separate Peace and the last page made me weep a bit. I know, I know – what is this? High school English?!



What’s a moment in your career thus far that has made your mom proud? 

When I got to be a travel influencer with last summer! We were together when I got the news and we both jumped around the kitchen squealing. 


One item you’d never leave the house without? Phones don’t count. 

Liquid blush. 


Favorite curse word?



“I’ve never blocked him because I don’t want to rob him of seeing my punchable face everyday…”

Name three people you respect.

My mom, my dad, and Kendall Jenner. 


What do your haters say?

I’d like to think I don’t have any! There actually is this random guy who DMs me maybe once a week in response to a random Story of mine saying really rude things, usually phrased as a question, like, “Have you ever been punched?” He’s been sending me messages like this for, like, over a year. I’ve never responded or acknowledged him. And I’ve never blocked him because I don’t want to rob him of seeing my punchable face on his phone everyday! Is that dumb? That’s probably really dumb. I should just block him, right?


What did no one tell you about making it in NYC? 

Nobody told me (not even the entirety of Gossip Girl) that I’d have to live in Brooklyn in order to afford rent, and that I would be taking the subway 900 times a day. 


Fill in the blank: rules are _______. 

Meant to be questioned and then perhaps bent.


If you were arrested, what would it be for? 

Grand larceny. Kidding. I just like the word “larceny.” Ummm… honestly, something stupid, like drinking a Lime-a-Rita on a stoop in broad daylight. Can you be arrested for that? [Editor’s note: you can.]


Pretend your friend is setting you up on a blind date. How would they sell you? 

They’d say I’m funny. And tall. Hopefully. 


You’re at a bar, it’s last call – what do you order? 

Something frozen! 



To keep up with the life and times of Harry Hill, you can follow him on Instagram here.
His podcast, Scrolling with Harry and Austin, is available on Spotfiy and the Apple app.