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It’s 34 degrees out, why are you running in shorts?

Is it necessary?

words by: Natasha Marsh
Feb 8, 2020

Temperatures that dip into the 30s and below are known to lock up our bodies, causing stiff joints and tightened muscles. One would think dressing warm in winter, whether running or not, is just common sense. So why do we keep seeing male runners in shorts? Granted, it’s not snowing – but like, it’s definitely cold. If you too judged runners in t-shirts and shorts, I’m here to tell you there’s a method to their madness. Intrigued? Keep reading. 

Runners understand that you should be slightly cool when you start because once you get moving, your body heats up fast. The rule of thumb is to add 10 to 20 degrees to the outside temperature. For example, if it’s 30 degrees out, dress for 50. 



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Instead of focusing on their legs, they focus on their head and hands. You can lose up to 30 percent of your body heat through your hands and 10 percent through your head. So instead of layering up on the lower body, runners invest in gloves that wick away moisture and fleece or wool hats to protect them from the wind. 

The funny thing about these half-dressed runners, is that their upper body always seems to be covered. This is because your legs naturally generate more heat than your upper body so you don’t need as many layers. 

So before you question runners in shorts again, just know, they’ve done their research.