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J Balvin gets McDonald’s meal collaboration ¡Lego!

words by: Matt Peng
Oct 6, 2020

Following the month-long run of the Travis Scott Meal, McDonald’s is teaming up with J Balvin for the next meal installment. The Colombian reggaetón artist and the golden arch franchise both confirmed the collaboration through all social media channels.


To celebrate the occasion, J Balvin had the entire meal turned into iced out jewelry by Gerald Alexander’s SAINT JEWELS label. Included in the J Balvin Meal are the following: a Big Mac, medium fries with ketchup and an OREO McFlurry. This collaboration dropped yesterday and will be available until November 1. If you order the meal through McDonald’s App, you’ll receive the McFlurry for free.




As a longtime McDonald’s fan, I am excited to join the short list of global icons who have had a meal named in their honor. I am looking forward to sharing my signature order with my fans, along with more surprises that are to come with this partnership. ¡Lego!,” J Balvin said.


We expect that there will probably be merch as well for this collaboration. Stay tuned for more and let us know who you think is next to have their meal featured.



Photos via J Balvin/McDonald’s