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Have you heard about Jeff Bezos’ age reversal startup?

This is crazy.

words by: Sahar Khraibani
Oct 26, 2021

Jeff Bezos has shifted his attention to a variety of other passions and initiatives since stepping down as Amazon CEO earlier this summer, including venturing to the edge of space in a phallic-shaped rocket (we all thought about it). We have to admit, the much-despised conglomerate powerhouse billionaire has some exciting post-retirement ideas, which brings us to the topic at hand: an enigmatic “age reversal” startup.


What is this startup?

Bezos is said to have invested in Altos Labs, a biotech business hunting for the fountain of youth, or, as we like to call it, the elixir of life. The company, which was founded earlier this year, is dedicated to reversing the aging process through the fine art of biological reprogramming, which sounds as interesting as it is baffling and terrifying.


According to a report from MIT Tech Review, the startup is luring in university students with million-dollar wages and proudly declared that Bezos and the Russian-born billionaire Yuri Milner are among its sponsors.


Scientific backing

This is really not a joke. I mean, who wouldn’t be baffled by this seeing the developments we’ve reached as a species. To make this sound even more credible, the company declared that Shinya Yamanaka, who earned the Nobel Prize in 2012 for inventing the cellular reprogramming process, will join the firm’s scientific advisory board as a senior scientist.


Yamanaka’s Nobel Prize-winning study discovered that cells can be reprogrammed to revert back to their embryonic stem cell qualities. Spanish scientist Carlos Izpisua Belmonte (who will also be part of the team) has called the biological reprogramming process a possible “elixir of life.”


Early results

This is where we ask the most important question, can we speculate that Jeff Bezos is funding a technology that will allow him to live eternally? According to Belmonte, cellular reprogramming could prolong human lifespans by up to 50 years, and research on mice undertaken by the professor has been somewhat encouraging, with some mice living to be 50 years old and showing signs of becoming younger.


But hold your horses, as there are still some glitches to be ironed out before any of us, even Jeff Bezos, can get our hands on this new scientific breakthrough. Some mice, instead of living longer, developed embryonic tumors due to this cell reprogramming process. Regardless, if biological reprogramming’s age-reversing abilities are ever made available to people, we are sure that Bezos would be one of the first to receive it.


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Photo via Drew Angerer/Getty Images