10 quick facts on Joe Biden

words by: Natasha Marsh
Oct 6, 2020

In efforts to make sense of the vital election coming up in less than 30 days, we want to provide you with insight on the presidential candidates. This is not to overwhelm you, but instead to share key facts about both Agent Orange and Joe Biden that are simple enough to digest. First, Joe. 


Age: 77, if elected he would be the oldest president ever inaugurated. 


Birth place: Scranton, Pennsylvania


COVID-19 stance: Believes in it and is devastated at the growing number of deaths. To mitigate the virus, he has committed to making testing easily accessible and free.


Healthcare stance: After losing his daughter, first wife, and son – he is very passionate about healthcare. After helping Barack Obama with the Affordable Care Act, he plans to bring a public option to the program. 


Unemployment stance: Wants to raise minimum wage and invest in green energy. He plans to raise the minimum wage to $15, extend loans to small businesses, and increase direct money payments to families. 


Race: Part of his “Build Back Better” plan is to create more support for marginalized groups with a $30 billion investment fund. This will also include reduced incarceration, gender and income-based disparities and rehabilitating released prisoners.


Climate Change: Trump took America out of the Paris Climate Accord and Biden plans to put us back in. With that, he will commit the US to cut greenhouse gases by 28% by 2025. 


Personal fact: He had a stuttering problem as a child. 


Career fact: After six-terms, he was Delaware’s longest standing senator. 


Important: This is actually Joe Biden’s third time running for president. The first two attempts he dropped out early due to low polls and a plagiarism scandal.


Photo via Andrew Harnik/AP Photo