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Biden-Harris inauguration is approaching, support with cool merch

words by: Natasha Marsh
Nov 17, 2020

If you were one of the 74 million American’s that voted for President-elect Joe Biden, and Vice President-elect Kamala Harris, we would like to extend a big congratulations, we did it! Our country is back on it’s way to good graces with allies around the world, and under Joe Biden’s watch we will soon be unified. 


With the inauguration just a couple weeks away (January 20th, 2021), we are preparing by getting ourselves Biden-Harris clothing to celebrate the victory. If you’d like to join us, below are our favorite pieces.


End of an Error Inauguration Day Classic T-Shirt ($20.73)

A play on of the end of an era with error obviously referencing the lunatic we’ve had to deal with for four years. 


Kamala & Joe Sweatshirt ($29.85)

Cozy and simple.


I’m With Joe and Kamala Sweatshirt ($10)



Biden-Harris Pins ($6)

Wear this pin proudly.


Biden-Harris 2020 Mask ($10)

Mask up properly. 


Joe Biden- Harris Cup ($12.99)

Drink your morning coffee out of this.


Biden Harris Sweatshirt ($16)

Cozy up in one of seven colors with this sweater. 

While you wait, bump this Biden/Harris playlist we curated in celebration.


Photo via RedBubble