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John Legend’s new Skincare line focuses on BIPOC community

From singer to skincare.

words by: Sahar Khraibani
Jun 6, 2022

John Legend is not only an award-winning artist, philanthropist, activist, and investor, but now, he has come up with a new skincare line that he’s been thinking about for a while. While the new skincare line is still in its developmental phase, it will be focused and targeted toward the very specific and unique needs of melanin-rich darker skin. Everyone wants to feel good in their skin, and it seems that the market has somewhat of a lack when it comes to skincare for darker skin.


About the partnership

Legend is involved in a new partnership with Los Angeles-based holding company, A-frame brands, which was announced in Fortune earlier this year. The company, A-Frame, created in 2019 by actor and activist Hill Harper, and CEO and entrepreneur Ari Bloom, has a unique market focus. The purpose behind the business is to come up with products for the people who “need them the most,” and they’re defining people who need these products the most as people with disabilities and Black, Brown, and Asian folks.


A-Frame has collaborated with tennis star Naomi Osaka on KINLO, a sun-care line, and is now working on Proudly, a baby-care line, with Gabrielle Union and Dwyane Wade. The company wants to talk about and cater to Black, Brown, and Asian people, as this has not been the case for a very long time.


John Legend’s interests outside of music

Legend, who has been following the skincare industry for a while, was moved by this mission. He was an early backer of Tristan Walker’s flagship brand, Bevel, which was founded to cater to the shaving needs of Black folks. Walker was able to expand the brand into a health and beauty company that was acquired by Procter & Gamble in 2018.


Legend has shared that he can trust A-Frame with this partnership as they share a value system and mission to cater to the BIPOC community. It is important to mention that part of the goals behind this initiative is making skincare financially accessible to a large population that may not be able to splurge on a moisturizer while maintaining the necessity of finding the right product for non-white skin.


Legend is trying to link his brand with a broader understanding of unmet needs in the market. While his line is still unnamed, he is definitely set on making sure that it is not exclusive, and that he can make it accessible to his target audience.


If that target audience extends to a younger crowd, it would be a good idea for him to focus on these 3 skincare trends when it comes to catering to millennials and Gen Z.


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