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Jordan Brand and Howard University enter 20-year partnership

Two majors collide.

words by: Natasha Marsh
Aug 21, 2022

My youngest cousin just started as a freshman at Howard University and I am completely in my feels. The historic Black college was home to some of the biggest names in the culture: Toni Morrison, Diddy, Lance Gross, Taraji P. Henson, Wendy Robinson, Anthony Anderson, Debbi Allen, and so many more. It is where famous Black educators groom future entrepreneurs and sisterhoods and brotherhoods are formed through networking and friendship. If you are Black, it is one of the best places to be and receive an education from. And now, HU will celebrate the start of a 20-year partnership with Jordan Brand, another iconic Black leader in the space.


In 2022, Jordan Brand teamed up with Howard University to build on their legacy of excellence and vision for Black futures. The team will work with the athletes — for example, Jumpman uniforms releasing August 27th — to unlock recruitment opportunities and inspire students to dream higher.



“Howard University and Jordan Brand share a legacy of excellence and deep commitment to the Black Community. As a HBCU graduate, I understand the educational impact an institution like Howard University has. We are proud to partner with Howard University and see the growth in Black talent on the field and well beyond it,” Craig Williams, Jordan Brand president, said in the Nike press release.


Continuing, Dr. Wayne A.I. Frederick, Howard University president, said: “We have always been proud of our legacy at Howard University, but we are audacious enough to believe our future could be brighter than our past. Partnering with Jordan Brand is another signal of our ambitions as a university to become an even brighter beacon for Black Excellence. We are thrilled to work on that vision of greatness together.”


Michael Jordan and Jordan Brand has also committed $100 million to help advance their goals for systemic change. “HBCUs have been impacting culture since the beginning. Now we see a new era on the horizon, and an opportunity with Jordan Brand to introduce Howard University to the world. I’m excited to see our university collaborate with a partner like Jordan Brand that already means so much to the Black Community. Together, we have the power to make a difference and inspire the next generation of students to do the same,” Jordyn Allen, Howard University Student association president, stated.


The partnership will hopefully inspire other brands to partner with historical Black colleges to create an unstoppable powerhouse.


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Photos via Jordan Brand/Howard University