Kanye West filed a trademark for a New Logo

Let’s see what he does with this.

words by: Sahar Khraibani
Sep 12, 2022

Following the successful launch of the Balenciaga-engineered YEEZY GAP, Ye is now pursuing brand new trademark applications to further establish his brand.


Ye made fashion news last month by submitting a trademark application for an incredibly versatile but decidedly straightforward logo. Utilizing the name of his first apparel brand’s parent company, Mascotte Holdings, Inc., Kanye West registered a trademark for a design consisting of two concentric circles, the inner one flat, and the outer one fluted.


Josh Gerben, Trademark attorney and Founder of Gerben Intellectual Property shared the news on his Twitter account:



West strengthened his new logo trademark by including a further detail: The color blue. The initial intent of the blank black and white circular logo was to be applied to all garments, retail locations, and internet orders. Today, the blue-based sign can be found on practically every form of wearable item, including berets, sneakers, flip-flops, ski gear, and more.


The shade of blue trademark very closely resembles the Gap logo’s color, as well as the Jesus is King vinyl. While West’s most recent work for Gap in partnership with Balenciaga defied the retailer’s illustrious font with Demna’s dark tones and larger cuts, it’s been stated that this was only a one-off moment and a jumping-off point for the next installation of YEEZY GAP, now also in limbo after Ye went on a rant about adidas stealing his work.


Kanye keeps moving up in the fashion world, and that’s why there’s continuously more pressure on him to have his own logo that is unique and particular, but not too overpowering. Something that could become almost like a signature style.


Ye is known to oscillate between maximalist and minimalism, but no matter which side he sways, everything he produces — whether it’s music, film, or fashion — is very much considered part of his personal brand (one that is worth billions of dollars we might add).


Ye registered for the YZYSPLY trademark in 2022, in what looks to be an effort to start his own retail storefronts. Perhaps this logo will be the center of attention in this new iteration of his empire, requiring no translation to identify the brand behind it. Another thing to note is that a normal trademark process takes about 12 to 18 months to fully be completed. So all of these moves are considered to be future-oriented, as they will not be put into action immediately.


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Photo via Josh Gerben