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Kanye West files trademarks for his own “universe”

Location: Unknown.

words by: Kayla Carmicheal
Oct 26, 2022

Last week, after getting dropped by Instagram and Twitter — prompting a near-sudden purchase of a Conservative social media platform — it was clear that Kanye West was on another tangent. Yesterday, adidas finally dropped Ye,¬†after Balenciaga jumped ship following his latest (disgustingly bigoted) remarks. It’s now been revealed that he has plans to build his own universe. That’s right, universe. And it’s called, of course, “The Yecosystem.”


Why Kanye is creating his own city

Coming after West’s remarks that he feels “silenced” by social media, and his fashion partnerships didn’t allow him enough control, this is his latest pushback. In September, West filed trademarks for the made-up words “Yecosystem” and “Yeezyerse.” Sources told Rolling Stone that this was going to begin the fabrication of Kanye’s own self-contained universe. The trademarks hold protections for over 13 different things, like stores, drinks, and foods.


The sources, singing like canaries, report that Yecosystem is a representation of West’s vision to have a “self-sustained enterprise.” Not only that, but a campus is set to open before the year is up, with housing, food, and fashion stores. It’ll make money from nutritional consultation, selling clothes, and design services, which means the city will operate solely on West’s other business ventures. He’ll have complete control over the city, location unknown.


Why it’s getting weird

Now, if you’re anything like me, your gears are turning in a few different directions. If you recall, Donda Academy is a thing, which is his own somewhat-legitimate K-12 school. A university is already in the works on that front. Additionally, as stated above, he’s also the proud owner of his own social media service, a move that he describes as a place where people who agree with him can congregate. These factors probably fit really nicely into his Yecosystem.


Secondly, you’re probably also getting strong cult vibes. Cults largely operate under the emphasis of isolation and obeying a sole leader. (The Nazis have already come out in support of his anti-Semitic claims, and it’s getting really scary). I’m not saying all these ventures are heading in that direction, but if the shoe starts to fit, for a guy who once named an album after himself being Jesus, it wouldn’t be surprising.


However, the sources confirm that “he comes from a good place,” noting, “it’s definitely his goal that everything that people touch that’s his is a good thing and has a good impact on the world.” Terminology of positive impact on the world can be found on Donda Academy’s website, as well.


West has been on an intense journey to seek control over all of his business dealings as of late. Which, of course, is valid. Creative control isn’t new. What is, however, is creating your own universe in order to do so.


Here’s background on Kanye’s struggle with creative control, and all you need to know about Donda Academy. After adidas terminated their relationship with Ye yesterday, Aaron Donald and Jaylen Brown announced they would drop Ye’s Donda Sports agency as well. Gap and Foot Locker removed all Yeezy products yesterday too.


Photo via Jarritt Clark/Roc Nation