‘Clerks’ Director Kevin Smith drops his top 10 MCU films

Also airs complaints about the ‘Spider-Man: No Way Home’ Oscar snub.

words by: Alee Kwong
Mar 7, 2022

Kevin Smith has revealed his top 10 favorite films in the Marvel Cinematic Universe on Movies Anywhere, a film cataloging service. A well-known (and very long time) comic book fan, Smith has included comic book references in his career, and participated by directing a couple of DC Comics television show episodes, such as The Flash and Supergirl on The CW.


Smith’s top 10 MCU films are as follows:

10. Doctor Strange

9. Captain America: Civil War

8. Guardians of the Galaxy: Vol. 2

7. Thor: Ragnorok

6. Captain America: The Winter Solider

5. Black Panther

4. Guardians of the Galaxy

3. Avengers: Infinity War

2. Avengers: Endgame

1. Iron Man



While he’s a huge fan of the MCU and its films, he’s made it clear that he is not interested in directing any MCU film. In an interview with Uproxx, Smith mentions that he loves the franchise, but doesn’t believe that he matches the visual style of Marvel Studios, and adds that he prefers to create his own stories.


“We live in this era now where it’s like, I should be romping from comic book movie to comic book movie. I’ve been talking about this shit since the ’90s, so I should be out there doing it, but number one, I’m not that talented. Not talented enough to pull off comic book movies. You need visual style to do that sort of thing. I don’t think visually. I think in words. Even my favorite comic books have more words than pictures in them and stuff like that. Number two, it’s more satisfying for me to create my own stories. As much as I love the Marvel Cinematic Universe… Part of the reason I love those movies so much… it’s breathtaking how they take the stories I knew as a kid and bring them to life now as movies. I don’t have that kind of ability.”


Smith loves what Kevin Feige and the team at Marvel Studios is doing so much that he is even a little annoyed that Spider-Man: No Way Home was snubbed, and didn’t receive an Oscar nomination for Best Picture.


On his FatMan Beyond podcast, he had stated that he hadn’t checked the nominations and assumed Spider-Man: No Way Home was among them. Smith goes onto ranting about the undeserved snub, stating it’s no wonder viewership of the Academy Awards has fallen in recent years. Part way through, however, his live-feed cut out, which Smith jokingly claims is evidence of conspiracy.


“I would just like to congratulate the good folks who made Spider-Man: No Way Home for the very deserved Best Picture nomination that I’m sure it got, I didn’t read the nods. Marc, tell me that I’m right. […] What the f-ck? They got ten slots, they can’t give one to the biggest f-cking movie of like the last three years? Man, and they’re like ‘Why won’t anyone watch this show?’ Like f-cking make a populist choice, f-ck, man. You got how many slots? Throw in Spider-Man for God’s sakes. Let him swing in there. F-cking poor kid’s always getting crapped on and sh-t, show Peter Parker some f-cking love. I’m not even being facetious, with as many movies as they have nominated for best picture… Kids, the conspiracy is real. I spoke about Spider-Man not being nominated by The Academy and we got tossed off of YouTube. Tie those two things together the truth lies somewhere out there.”


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