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Fire Finds: Kilometre Paris JFK Embroidered-Cotton Luggage Tag

For this staycation.

words by: Matt Peng
Feb 19, 2021

Last week’s Fire Finds put you onto a collaboration between the food, art and toy worlds. This week, I’m turning everyone’s attention to travel – because it’s still super difficult to be on the move in these pandemic conditions.


I’m tired of being locked in on a permanent staycation just like the rest of you, especially since spring and summer usually means getaways to beaches and foreign places you’ve never been to before. While we wait for the day it’s safe to do that again without a mask on, I stumbled upon a travel accessory that reminds me of that feeling and is a boost towards my mental health.


Thanks to Kilometre Paris, which is actually a women’s fashion brand, everyone can enjoy the feeling of traveling with an embroidered-cotton luggage tag. They’ve created a bunch of them with the barcode motif that represents IATA airport codes across the world. The collection includes places like CDG (Paris, France), LHR (Heathrow, London, United Kingdom), MEL (Melbourne, Australia), SFO (San Francisco, California, USA), ICN (Incheon, Seoul, South Korea), FCO (Rome, Italy), KWI (Kuwait), ZRH (Zurich, Switzerland), SYD (Sydney, Australia), NRT (Narita, Chiba, Japan), MUC (Munich, Germany), LAX (Los Angeles, California, USA), GVA (Geneva, Switzerland) and DXB (Dubai, United Arab Emirates) but the most important one for me is NYC’s home airport, JFK.


Since I can’t hop on a plane and travel to see relatives halfway across the world, I’m imagining when I can with the help of this tag on my carry-on luggage. You can also creatively style the accessory for your grocery run fit or wear it like a bracelet. The best part is that a large selection of them are currently on sale via Instead of paying the $128 retail price, you can grab it for 30% off at $89.


We all look forward to traveling in peace again one day and while we wait, this isn’t a bad way to imagine those scenarios. If you want to feel like you’re in a world-class spa, check out these Aman candles for the time being. Some other ways to scratch the travel bug are with these quarantine games and the Drive & Listen app. Stay up everyone.



Photos via MatchesFashion