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Kith flagship stores became voter registration hubs


words by: Natasha Marsh
Sep 1, 2020

I love when fashion stands up for a cause, Kith being a perfect example. The streetwear giant posted on Instagram of their plan to close all flagship stores last Friday, August 28, and transition them into voter registration hubs for the day. “Voting is the most powerful act we can do collectively to implement change and overturn the injustices experienced too often in this county.”


With the election fast approaching, Kith is using their platform and locations to ensure everyone who is able to vote, has access to that. We are at a pivotal time in our country and need proper leadership to steer us in the right direction. We couldn’t be happier that Kith organized a way to actively get involved in changing our world.


Kith targets a younger demographic of hypebeasts. Many of their customers will be first-time voters and voters that are a little in the middle. It is incredible that they are creating a safe space to educate and produce change. Brava, Kith. If you weren’t able to make it to a store last Friday, you can still register to vote online.


Photo via Kith