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LAKA, the South Korean Beauty brand challenging gender norms

words by: Alee Kwong
Dec 16, 2020

We need to normalize men wearing makeup. Blemishes, insecurities, and an eye for color do not fall under restrictive gender norms. From Prince to David Bowie, men wearing makeup is not a new concept. With time, a shift towards a more progressive mindset, and the rise of K-Pop, we are seeing that more men are swiftly moving past outdated aesthetic expectations and instead embracing more fluidity in their everyday looks.


LAKA is the first South Korean gender-neutral beauty brand that champions expression, empowerment, and uniqueness that challenges stereotypes in the beauty industry. They value inclusivity in every stage of their production process and see makeup as an expression of one’s identity beyond gender.



The color scheme is primarily neutral and muted, creating an environment that gives people the freedom to create without hesitation. In addition to offering inviting neutral tones, LAKA aims to create products that improve the texture of your skin over time. With a range of products such as face cushions, concealers, eyeshadows, blushes, and lip products, you can easily build a core collection and have room to add on without sacrificing variety in your day-to-day looks. 


At an affordable price point of $15-$30, LAKA is a brand you don’t want to sleep on.


Photos via LAKA