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Fire Finds: Lamborghini SC20

words by: Matt Peng
Dec 18, 2020

Earlier this year, I wrote about two Lamborghini collaborations in our Fire Finds column – a bicycle and a go kart. Now, I’m writing about an actual Lamborghini solo product, and very exclusive one at that. While this one-off won’t be parked in any of our garages, it’s still a marvel to look at and admire so I had to share it. Meet the Lamborghini SC20 open-top track super car.


The first thing that drew me into this beautiful piece of auto engineering was the fact it’s open cockpit. This doesn’t come as a surprise though because the car was designed by Lamborghini Squadra Corse – the motorsport division of the brand. I love the racing and F1 vibes that the open cockpit produces as well as how aggressive it makes the profile of the entire car. Speaking of aggressiveness, the fact that the sides are based off the Essenza SCV12 race car and carbon fiber has been added to the lips all around makes the car scream speed demon. A huge connecting wing in the back and front splitter with two fins brings the entire stance of the car to a perfect balance.


I also couldn’t look away from the heavenly rims with the Pirelli’s sitting pretty on them. Blu Cepheus and Bianco Fu absolutely pop on the exterior paint livery and the lives all bring Lamborghini’s DNA into the mix. Opting for Nero Cosmus and Bianco Leda on the interior to match and highlight the carbon fiber elements helps to really convey luxury and motorsport at the same time. And while we likely won’t be able to see one in person, motorheads will definitely be able to imagine that beastly V12 in their minds.


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Photos via Lamborghini