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Fire Finds: Le Court Basketball Bucket Bag

For the diehard bball fan.

words by: Matt Peng
Apr 30, 2021

Each week my research for a Fire Finds piece leads me to accessories more often than not. This week, I happened to stumble onto a beautiful basketball-inspired tote bag while browsing the internet. I haven’t been hyped for a bag in a long time, but this one really tugs at all the right chords.


Who is Le Court?

Le Court, “a lifestyle brand born from a love for the game, and built on the foundational belief that sport is art and the court is a canvas — a space to create,” is the genius behind this lovable Bucket Bag. Their first-ever product is this tote bag, a 100% handmade and handwoven product, this tote speaks to the love for the game and artistic value that the brand stands behind.



How is the bag crafted?

Orange nylon on the top and bottom are combined with authentic nylon basketball netting to give the bag a full rim and net feel. Being able to carry it with handles or wear it with shoulder straps allow for your own personal expression to come across. In addition to the Le Court branding on the outside, a “LC” logo also makes its way onto the inside of the bottom portion.


Why is it special?

As an avid fan of the game, I know that an outdoor/indoor ball and my basketball sneakers are going into this bag instantly. However, I can see this bag being a daily grocery bag, a plant holder, laundry bag and more – it’s usage is only limited to your imagination.


Where do I buy it?

You can buy the Le Tote from or buy the Basketball Bag from Extra Butter. With a retail price of $179, you never have to worry about showing up to the court in style again.


We look forward to seeing how you all style it for yourselves and what you use it for. Check out some inspiration from Le Court’s Instagram account below.



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