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Fire Finds: LEGO Bonsai Tree

words by: Matt Peng
Jan 8, 2021

Some people are blessed with the ability to be plant parents, I’m not one of those people. Outdoor or indoor, I’ve managed to ruin everything from flowers to succulents. So I was definitely excited to hear that LEGO dropped a new Botanical Collection this year which includes this week’s Fire Finds item, the Bonsai Tree.


Bonsai refers to the traditional Japanese art form of caring for and cultivating miniature trees in containers. These trees usually look like their larger counterparts and the practice of cutting leaves and branches is said to be extremely Zen. LEGO has made it possible for fans to practice tending to their own bonsai tree without worrying about killing an actual tree – perfect for someone like myself. Made up of 878 pieces, the set includes a rectangular wood pot, stand, and of course the tree. You can choose to have either green leaves or pink cherry blossoms and customize the appearance to your liking. Fully built, the model stands over 7 inches tall, 8.5 inches long and 7.5 inches wide.


Although the set is currently out of stock on LEGO’s website, you can bet it’ll be restocked soon. You can also check local retailers like Target and Walmart for the $49.99 set. This is the perfect way to start off 2021 and a great gift to give a loved one too.



Photos via LEGO