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LEGO drops a playable Foosball set with 2,000+ pieces

Way more uses than you think.

words by: Sahar Khraibani
Oct 22, 2022

The newest LEGO Ideas set, a playable Table Football set, has just arrived on the market and will be sold very soon. With a practical design made of over 2,300 pieces, as well as the ability to be customized with any of the 22 supplied mini figures, the much beloved and iconic game of foosball is finally getting its moment in the form of a LEGO set.


This news was first shared during LEGO CON 2021, which took place online. The team shared that it will be expanding on its Ideas inventory, adding a staple that could be found in most game rooms. With the reveal of its new playable Ideas Table Football set, fans are even more excited about this development.


The new LEGO set, which has a count of 2,339 total buildable pieces, recreates a famous foosball table that is 16 inches long and 5.5 inches tall. It has an appropriate arcade-style exterior and an inside with a football-themed grass pattern that is meant to resemble the real-world gaming table it was inspired by. Four distinct knobs that will let two players simulate a game of 5 vs 5 foosball are packed into the build. Two distinct rows are given to each participant, which they can design with the available figures.



There are a total of 10 red and 10 blue jerseys as well as goalie uniforms, and you can completely personalize your own team. To create a variety of distinct mini figures, you can mix and match 43 hair pieces and 44 heads. The ability to create your own characters in this way is a delightful idea, and the LEGO Group appears to have done a good job of putting it into practice. With space for all the extra accessories underneath, a display stand that comes with the set allows you to showcase the players who aren’t included in the set.



The LEGO Ideas team has really been acing the functional build as of recently, making it so that the reward for building the set is not finite. This addition is really exciting for many who grew up playing foosball and needed a recreation of it. Especially with the holidays right around the corner, this makes for a great gifts for soccer lovers and LEGO lovers alike.


You can purchase the LEGO Table Football 21337 set here when it launches on November 1 for $249.99.


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Photos via LEGO