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LEGO created a “White Noise” Playlist that we didn’t even know we needed

words by: Sahar Khraibani
Feb 9, 2021

LEGO has been gracing us with so much goodness this year. After releasing their Botanical Collection, the company has now launched a mindful “White Noise” Playlist on Spotify. And here’s the catch: the playlist is created with sounds of LEGO Bricks. Seriously though, how cool is that?


This lengthy playlist is literally composed of the sounds of LEGOs and while that may not sound relaxing to most, it actually is. The collection is made of seven tracks totaling up to 210 minutes (that’s over 3 hours!) and can be played in the background as you go about doing your household chores or simply relaxing.


Listen to it for yourself below and you’ll realize that it’s actually what’s been missing in your stay-at-home life. For more playlists, check out our Pass the Aux column.



Photo via LEGO