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Sneakerheads, you’re gonna want the LG Styler ShoeCase

This is what sneaker storage should all look like.

words by: Matt Peng
Sep 13, 2022

Ask any sneakerhead and they will tell you that there are two types of storage options: OG in the box, or stackable and clear storage options. I’m in the camp of keeping it crisp and neat in the OG box, but after seeing LG’s latest product, I might change camps.



LG Styler ShoeCase

LG (formerly Lucky-Goldstar, if you’ve ever wondered what the initials stand for) is a South Korean company that specializes in electronics and home appliances. So it wasn’t really out of left field when they announced a sneaker storage and sneaker cleaning solution (more on this below) at IFA 2022 last month. Officially called the LG Styler ShoeCase and LG Styler ShoeCare, the company says this is designed for the MZ generation — Millennials and Gen Z.


According to their own research, and in the words of their press release, “As the culture of collecting expensive designer, luxury and limited-edition sneakers grows… LG’s internal research found that these ‘sneakerheads’ would benefit greatly from a solution that not only made their cherished shoes stand out more, but also provided them with the optimal care.”


Drawing from their appliance background, you can immediately see the clean electronic aesthetic of the Styler Shoecase. The transparent panels answer the call of being able to see which pair is inside. Additionally, the storage solution creates the perfect environment that protects from humidity, UV light, dust, and other factors that can ruin your sneakers (do you have kids or nephews and nieces?).  And if you really want to surprise people, there’s a 360-degree rotating turntable built-in to show off which pairs nicely with the built-in light.


Although the modular design allows you to stack up to 4 of these on top of one another, that might be slightly too little for some with 10’+ ceilings.



LG Styler ShoeCare

LG didn’t just stop at a sneaker storage solution though, they also took into account a sneakerhead’s worst nightmare, getting their prized footwear dirty. Taking a cue from the LG Styler Steam Closet, the Styler ShoeCare features TrueSteam and Moving Nozzle technologies. The former uses advance technology to steam clean your sneakers. It promises to clean leather, suede and sports footwear with its 10 different courses. You can refresh up to 4 pairs in 37 minutes during the standard course. The Moving Nozzle is used to dry the sneakers and adjust the height of each pair. You can also clean 2 shoes of different materials at the same time with the Dual Care System.




In order to give customers easy access to their futuristic sneaker cleaning experience, LG will operate the Styler ShoeCase and Styler ShoeCare through the ThinQ app. The brand also says it will partner with lifestyle brands in the future for new features and functions.


LG hasn’t announced a release date yet for the product and we don’t know if this will be a regional exclusive, so keep your eyes out. But this is exciting news for all sneakerheads. If you want some other storage solutions, check out our sneakerhead gift guide.


Photos via LG