WFH? Want to refresh your Environment? Try this service.

One word: Liox.

words by: Natasha Marsh
Sep 5, 2022

Even though more than half of the world is not acting like it, we are still in a pandemic. And as someone who has not contracted COVID (knock on all the wood in the world), I am still cautious about what I do and who I let inside my home. In an effort to stay healthy, I, of course, have been washing my hands like crazy, but also cleaning my apartment daily. Occasionally though, I don’t always have time to do the proper deep clean. Or sometimes, the thought of the long process demotivates me from doing anything. For that, I’ve looked into cleaning services throughout the city.


My requirements

I had very specific requirements when I was doing my research. One, they needed to adhere to some type of COVID mandate, whether it be all employees have to be vaccinated or all employees must wear masks and test regularly. Whatever it was, I needed to know.


Two, it had to be within budget. After looking up several agencies, I realized anything between $100-$250 was a good range for a monthly deep clean.


Three, it had to be convenient. I am out of town a lot, and need someone I can trust to come into my home while I am either working from a coffee shop, or if I really trust them, have them come in a day before I get into town.


Not to mention, working in the same space where you sleep, eat, cook, and entertain can feel daunting. But, by cleaning up your space, and even having someone make better feng shui, work spaces that double as living spaces can turn into a refreshing environment. In the name of research, here is a great NYC cleaning service that satisfies my strict and strategic requirements.



I’ve used Liox once or twice this year for their laundry services and have been impressed with their customer service. To use, either download their easy-to-navigate app or book via computer. All you do is select a pick up and drop off time. Then, pick if you want wash & fold, dry cleaning, or permanent press. It is so extremely easy.


On the day of pick up, place laundry into bags (any bags, or you can opt for a special Liox laundry bag). The driver will come straight to your door.


After having a great experience with Liox, I decided to test out their cleaning arm. For this, you simply select your number of bedrooms, bathrooms, type of cleaning (standard, premium, deep clean, move in/out), and how often you want the service (one time, every 4 weeks, every 2 weeks, or weekly).


You can also add on extras: Inside the fridge, oven, or cabinets. For a studio apartment with 1 bathroom and a deep clean, the estimate is $247.50. For a one bedroom with one bath with a standard clean (the basics), you will spend $137.50.


No matter what option you choose, you will be happy with the outcome. Staff is friendly and will scrub your floors and bathtub into a heavenly white that you will be excited to use.


Here are some tips to create the optimal sleeping environment once everything is clean. And maintain that vibe with these different room sprays.