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A list of Grants and Fellowships every Artist should apply for in 2020

Need money?

words by: Sahar Khraibani
Feb 21, 2020

Art grants are a total financial lifesaver, especially if you’re like most artists in New York, living off of side-hustles. Applying for artists grants, paid fellowships, and residencies is a great way to supplement income and is an integral part of being a working artist. If you want to take time to make work without the day-to-day pressure of paying bills, we compiled a list-guide for fellowships, residencies and grants that you can apply to in 2020.


Fellowships & residencies


Ford Foundation Technology Fellowship

“The Ford Foundation’s Technology Fellowship Program was created to support integrated learning and action at the intersection of social justice and technology throughout the work of the foundation. Fellows work both as a cohort across the foundation and as part of program teams to explore the role and impact of technology with social justice and help develop a critical technology lens throughout the foundation.”

Deadline: March 11


Residency: Lower Manhattan Cultural Council Workspace Artist Residency

“LMCC’s flagship residency program, Workspace, is a nine-month studio-based program that focuses on the creative process and cohort development of emerging artists. At its core, Workspace nurtures experimentation, creative risk taking, collaboration, learning and skill sharing through regular opportunities for dialogue with peers and arts professionals. Participating artists are provided round-the-clock access to semi-private studio spaces and are expected to engage with the cohort for the full duration of the nine-month program.”

Deadline: February 27


A Blade of Grass Fellowship (for POC Emerging Artists in NYC)

“For the first time this year, at least one of the fellowships will be awarded to a NYC-based artist of color under the age of 30 (as of May 1, 2020). A large number of our existing Fellowship applicants are established NYC-based artists—the POC Emerging Artist Fellowship will allow younger NYC artists to be competitive in the process. The POC Emerging Artist Fellowship will provide critical, comprehensive support that will make it possible for these artists to develop an ambitious project and the relationships that will help them build a sustainable career.

The POC Emerging Artist Fellowship period will be 18 months instead of 12, and emerging fellows will receive mentoring opportunities, project development assistance, and other professional development opportunities. The application process and timeline are the same, but a few additional questions will need to be answered in the form including: demographic information to ascertain NYC residency; age; race/ethnicity; and a narrative question about financial need and how the Fellowship resources would impact the applicant’s practice.”

Amount: $20,000

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Awesome Foundation Grants

“The Awesome Foundation is an international organization with 90 chapters. Each of the chapters offers a $1,000 art grant every month. The foundation funds all types of art projects as well as initiatives in community development and technology. “Many Awesome projects are novel or experimental, and evoke surprise and delight,” their website says. “Awesome sometimes challenges and often inspires.”

Each chapter tends to fund projects that contribute to their own communities, so it’s best to apply to a chapter near you. However, there are no restrictions based on location and you can apply to multiple chapters.”

Amount: $1,000


CEC ArtsLink Independent Projects Awards

“CEC ArtsLink gives art grants to international artists to help them come to the U.S. to collaborate with an American artist or organization. Their criteria for choosing an artist include the artist’s plans for sharing the benefits of the experience with artists and institutions in their home country.”

Amount: $5,000


Creative Capital Grants

“Creative Capital is an arts organization that supports artists across the U.S. with funding, counsel, and career development services. It typically awards grants for artists with plans for large or long-term projects. Most of the projects that get funded have a timeline between three to five years.”

Amount: Up to $50,000 and career development services


FCA Grants to Artists

“The Foundation for Contemporary Arts awards several artist grants annually across five different art fields. Recipients are chosen on the merit and imagination of their past work, and what effect the recognition and support of a grant will have on their careers.

These artist grants are not given to fund specific art projects. Instead, they are meant to support artists financially while they pursue whatever artistic endeavors they wish, including developing new ideas, starting new projects, and completing ongoing projects.”

Amount: $40,000


The Gottlieb Foundation Individual Support Grant

“The Gottlieb Foundation gives out 12 artist grants each year. It aims to support “serious” and “fully-committed” artists, meaning those who focus on their artistic goals over other personal or financial responsibilities. The foundation only awards these art grants to “mature” artists, which it defines as having worked for at least 20 years in a mature phase of their art.”

Amount: $25,000