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Little Miss always gets Sunburn, does Aloe actually help?

Ouch no more.

words by: Natasha Marsh
Sep 1, 2022

We’ve been living for all the Little Miss content on Instagram in the last few weeks. There’s been ‘Little Miss always has multiple beverages,’ ‘Little Miss loves to say she’s 5 minutes away when she hasn’t started getting ready,’ ‘Little Miss loves to write per my last email,’ the list goes on and on. It recently occurred to us that the notion of the old children books Little Miss could be used to educate people on important things. So here’s our first Little Miss column.


As summer temperatures and heat waves are still in full swing all over the country, we would love to start with sunburns. Although we hope you wear enough protective clothing (hats, sunglasses, PFT clothing) to protect yourself from getting a sunburn; if you do end up turning red and starting to peel, we also want to provide you with solutions on how to cure a sunburn. Therefore, welcome to “Little Miss always gets sunburn.”


Growing up, you probably heard of people convincing you to wear sunscreen and treat sunburns with aloe vera for its soothing purposes. But is this the best way to combat sunburns and does it even work?


It’s important to understand what happens to the skin when it gets burned. The skin is actually damaged and some of the cells are killed by the strong ultraviolet A and B rays (aka UVA and UVB). Because these cells are literally killed, aloe vera cannot cure sunburns. And when you use that logic, you start to understand that nothing can actually cure a sunburn. The skin itself has to regrow and renew for it to get back to what it used to be.


Aloe vera on that hand, can come in and help soothe any pain or irritation. It is a quick fix though as moisturizing the skin can help with healing. Make sure when you are selecting an aloe vera gel, that you are reading the back label and making sure it has no alcohol in it — as alcohol has been known to dry out the skin.


Most doctors would suggest applying a damp towel to your skin to help with inflammation and to cool down your feverishly warm skin. You can also use an over the counter prescription that will also help with inflammation to recover faster from lobster-red sunburns.


Vitamin D, the same vitamin you were trying to get from the sun and ironically gave you the sunburn, is also said to reduce overall inflammation. However, if you notice more side effects like difficulty breathing or dizziness, you should alert your primary doctor right away. These signs could mean you have or are in the process of conducting sun poisoning. Too much time spent in the sun (ex. Falling asleep at the beach) could cause you to get sun poisoning, so be very diligent in reapplying your sunscreen.


Sunburns can not only cause red, irritated skin, but they increase your risk of skin cancer, abnormal skin color, and wrinkles.


Here’s everything you need to know about reading sunscreen labels, so enjoy summer while it’s still lasting. You can also join in and create your own viral Little Miss meme here.


Photo via Little Miss Books